Estate Planning

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A validly executed will is probably the most important document you will ever need to sign during your life. It ensures that your final requests are properly cared for and it also protects your loved ones.
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Our lives have become increasingly more complex and it is less common that an estate simply considers bank account and a home going to a person’s family. Often, people need to consider more than one relationship resulting in mixed families. It is also more common that a person’s estate comprises of more complex assets such as superannuation capital investment and life benefits, shares, investments in various funds, as well as real estate and family homes. It is also important for people to give careful consideration to gift of personal items of notional or sentimental significance to family and friends.

Relying on a do-it-yourself investment “newsagents” Will, the public or other public services to prepare your Will may result in unexpected costs which will have negative impact on those people on your beneficiaries. This may include consequences in tax and excessive administration charges by executors. 

Your will should be reviewed every two years or more, often when events in your life arise such as marriage, divorce, the commencement or end of a de facto relationship, birth of a child, death of beneficiary or when changes occur in your collection of assets which you did not contemplate at the time that you made your Will. This may include acquiring, selling or otherwise disposing of property. You should also consider the circumstances of those people who you have appointed as executor.  

It is also becoming more common in our society that people have the increasing need to consider beneficiaries who need assistance managing their affairs or require protection of any assets which they may receive. This may be the case with children or beneficiaries with a disability or where beneficiaries are in relationships with an uncertain future. In those circumstances, it may be in your interest to consider the preparation of a testamentary trust to protect your estate for the benefit of those people from whom it is intended. Our team has vast experience in assisting people with preparation of Wills from the most simple to complex Will to complex testamentary trusts. We will assist you in determining what is best suited for the needs of you and the beneficiaries of your estate.
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